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Baxa Corp.

The Baxa Repeater Pump is a highly accurate pump strong enough to deliver viscous fluids yet precise enough to deliver very low volumes, according to the company. This pharmacy peristaltic filling pump tested successfully through 26 gas sterilization cycles at one cycle per day with hydrogen peroxide vapor.

(800) 567-BAXA

Ansell Healthcare

Ansell introduced its new addition to their popular Derma Prene® glove line — the Derma Prene® PI surgical glove. Safe for use by latex sensitive healthcare professionals and patients, Derma Prene PI gloves are made from synthetic polyisoprene and are light green in color for instant latex-free identification. Derma Prene PI surgical gloves are also powder-free to help eliminate powder-related post-operative complications. The reduced thickness of Derma Prene gloves provides enhanced tactile sensitivity in the fingertips, while making double gloving easier and more comfortable. In addition, their smooth finish allows for worry-free instrument and suture handling.

(800) 952-9916

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrum released a new semi-rigid Ureteroscope protection case. The case is designed to protect expensive urological semi-rigid endoscopes during transportation, storage, and sterilization. Spectrum’s ScopePaks are made from durable autoclavable polymer that can withstand temperatures in excess of 350 degrees. Each case comes complete with specially fitted silicone holding bars.

(800) 444-5644

SonoSite Inc.

The MicroMaxx™ ultrasound system, at less than eight pounds and the size of a laptop computer, delivers image resolution and performance comparable to conventional cart-based ultrasound systems weighing over 200 pounds. This hand-carried configuration provides caregivers flexibility and efficiency in utilizing ultrasound in both hospital and office-based settings.

(425) 951-1200


Tapmaster’s Model 1750 Kick Plate mounts on cabinet toe kicks for hands-free usage of sinks. The Model 1750 also allows for continuous water flow through its lock on feature, which also is activated hands-free.

(800) 791-8117

Current Technologies Inc.

Hype-Wipe bleach towelettes are EPA registered as a one-step cleaner and disinfectant. Used to disinfect equipment and patient treatment areas, and saturated with a 1:10 dilution of sodium hypochlorite, the towelettes have an 18-month shelf life, with the expiration date printed on each pouch. The Hype-Wipe bleach towelettes are available in two sizes. The Mini Hype-Wipe is a 3-inch-by-3-inch towelette. The full-sized towelettes come in a pocket-sized pouch and unfold to 6 inches by 12 inches — containing enough fluid to wipe down a 40-square-foot area.

(800) 456-4022

Medi-Flex, Inc.

Medi-Flex’s new preoperative skin prep, ChloraPrep® 26 mL with Scrub Teal™ tinting technology, is the first FDA-approved preoperative skin prep that contains the CDC preferred amount of chlorhexidine gluconate, according to the company. Compared to iodophors, ChloraPrep 26 mL demonstrates superior antibacterial activity, and is a rapid-acting and persistent preoperative skin preparation. ChloraPrep with Tint 26 mL is a one-step patient preoperative skin prep delivering precise volumes of tinted ChloraPrep solution in a unique applicator that keeps hands away from the prep site and provides a friction scrub.

(800) 523-0502

PCI Medical

The TD-100 is the only automated disinfector for transesophageal (TEE) probes. Designed to eliminate the need for manual reprocessing of these delicate probes, the TD-100 is similar in function to the widely used endoscopic reprocessors found in most CS and endoscopy departments, but automatically completes the disinfection and rinse cycles in less than 18 minutes. The TD-100 uses a fresh bottle of TD-5 (a glutaraldehyde-based disinfectant) for each cycle. The TD-5 bottle is pierced inside the TD-100 to eliminate splashes and spills and the advanced vapor management system adsorbs chemical vapors, further protecting the user. A printed validation is generated at the end of the completed cycle.

(800) 862-3394

Health Care Logistics Inc.

The Isolation Door Caddie makes access to infection control items quick, convenient, and reliable. By simply hanging on a patient’s door, the Isolation Door Caddie encourages improved isolation practices by keeping critical infection control supplies instantly accessible inside its three pockets. Made of almond colored vinyl encapsulated polyester mesh, the caddie provides the perfect space to store one box of gloves, masks, gowns, waste bags, hand sanitizers, and more. Important instructions and signage can be prominently displayed in the clear window to draw attention to special conditions and requirements. The caddie hangs from two metal hangers, which adequately hold the weight of the caddie contents and allows doors to securely close.

(800) 848-1633

SuturTek Inc.

SuturTek now features the SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device™ — a suturing device that protects against suture needlestick injuries. The SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device is specifically designed to protect surgeons, nurses, and OR staff against suture needlestick injuries during fascia closure by ensuring that the sharp point of the suture needle is never exposed. This patented, ergonomic, reusable suturing device uses patented disposable suture cartridges, is faster, easier, and safer for surgeons than tedious and difficult hand suturing, and the SuturTek suture cartridges use standard taper-point fascia closure needles and all types of standard absorbable or non-absorbable sutures. All of which ensures hands and fingers are not exposed to the sharp point of the needle before, during or after the procedure.

(866) 839-0186

AliMed® Inc.

AliMed’s latest Ultrasonic Welded Seams for OR table pads uses an ultrasonic welding process which channels high-frequency vibrations to the fabric causing the material’s synthetic fibers to melt and fuse to create bonded seals — leaving the material fluid proof and impervious to fraying or unraveling. The pad allows breathabilty through its “circuitous route baffle vent” welded onto the side of the pad.

(800) 225-2610

Follet Corp.

Follett offers two models of under-counter refrigerators: The 4.8 cubic foot model REF5 fits below standard 36 inch counters, and a shorter 4.0 cubic foot REF4-ADA fits below 34-inch high ADA-compatible counters. An external digital temperature display makes mandated temperature logging quick and easy. Both models feature stainless interior and exterior, locking door latch for security and a powerful compressor for exceptionally stable temperature and quick temperature pull-down. Both models support JCAHO standards for medication storage and are UL, cUL, and NSF listed. Follett’s medical-grade under-counter refrigerators also recently passed both Energy Star and California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements for energy use which can provide energy savings of as much as 46 percent with a 1.3 year payback compared to standard models.

(800) 523-9361

Millstone Medical Outsourcing

Millstone Medical Outsourcing launched its Loaner Expedite Program — a streamlined system that cuts the cost and time to deliver fully inspected surgical kits to ORs. Millstone Medical’s loaner expedite service cuts overall inventory costs and reduces shipping costs and labor costs. Millstone Medical cuts downtime and transit times to two days through its forward deployment of loaner expedite staff to high volume field sales territories. Following surgery, each local expeditor provides objective onsite inspection, calls in replenishment orders to the OEM, and expedites the kit to the next surgery location.

(508) 679-8385

Microtek Medical

Microtek’s CleanOp® System now features the Mojave™ Super-Absorbent OR Table Linens. These disposable surgical table linens are impervious to fluids and are recommended by Microtek for a total range of surgical procedures.

(800) 886-8795

InterMetro Industries Corp.

The MetroBasix Plus™ Procedure Cart incorporates the combination of a strong steel shell, lightweight aluminum drawers, tough polymer base, and an ergonomic work surface. The MetroBasix Plus has all the basics, plus it’s lighter than typical metal carts, making it easier to maneuver.

(800) 433-2232

AcerMed Inc.

AcerMed, Inc. released its proprietary suite of software products, AcerMed EMR, AcerMed PM and AcerMed Scheduler. AcerMed, formerly a reseller, now has developed its own state-of-the-art software based on the latest Microsoft® technology including C# language and .net environment, meeting XML standards and following HIPAA and HL7 guidelines. Comprehensive Windows-based patient scheduling, billing, and electronic patient records are built on a single Microsoft® SQL database to allow for complete and seamless flow of clinical, financial, and demographic data. The result is an intuitively developed product that is powerful and scalable, yet consistent throughout the modules and easy-to-use.

(800) 841-0008


DrugNest is a high-density robotic warehouse for automated storage of bar-coded unit doses. The DrugNest automatically receives unit dose packages from the PillPicker and loads them onto storage pins. Up to 10 doses can be stored on each pin, providing capacity of up to 44,400 unit doses. The DrugNest has two independent robots, one at each end, and can store and dispense simultaneously. DrugNest can also pick first doses or stats without interrupting cart fill dispensing. Medications returned from the nursing units can be automatically restocked into the DrugNest and credited to the patient account.

(800) 764-0300

GOJO Industries Inc.

Purell® Instant Hand Sanitizer with Dermaglycerin System™ is a breakthrough hand sanitizer formula that combines the broad spectrum efficacy of Purell with high-performance moisturizing. The product is clinically proven to improve skin condition in 14 days, is hypoallergenic, and meets CDC guidelines and JCAHO compliance standards. Available in three sizes. The Purell Personal Gear Retractable Clip is also available and attaches easily to clothing and holds a 2-ounce pump or squeeze bottle of Purell, ensuring hand-hygiene is always within reach.

(800) 321-9647


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