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SurgiStrategies would like to congratulate this year’s Who’s Who! The individuals and facilities featured are helping to change the face of medicine and blazing the trail for an evolving, ever-successful ASC industry.

The Facilities

CTQ Quality Award Winners Back to Back


With more that 15 years experience together at Gerald Champion Regional Hospital together, the staff at Southern New Mexico Surgery Center (SNMSC), a Regent Surgical Health ASC, have been high-rated employees. “We are much more multi-focused…everyone wears many hats with the small staff. We are all cross trained, which is a benefit as far as financially and with productivity," says Patsey Bridges, administrator. “We can use the preop nurses in the OR as a circulator and even some OR nurses scrub. That much flexibility is a benefit. I think what makes our facility work best is that we have worked together so closely and we have a high standard of care."

Southern New Mexico Surgery Center has been recognized for excellence in patient satisfaction and overall quality of care with a 2010 Apex Quality Award from CTQ Solutions. This is the second year in a row that the surgery center has been honored with this elite distinction. The APEX Quality Award is presented to the highest performing healthcare facilities, specifically measuring overall patient satisfaction and loyalty attributes. Bridges notes that this is especially rewarding as it reflects excellence by all staff members. “Ultimately, this is a team award as the recognition is based on a series of measures that includes contributions by all staff members. The fact that it is derived from patient feedback confirms our commitment to customer and quality care – which is our primary goal,’ says Bridges. “Southern New Mexico Surgery Center has excelled in patient satisfaction. The staff always takes an active role in seeking to improve. They spend additional time and effort to learn from physicians and employees as well, gaining additional insight that benefits the patient."

With a staff of 12, including two techs, five RNs, and the business team, SNMSC strives to achieve 100 percent patient satisfaction, which includes addressing all feedback received during surveys. With a clinical background, Bridges finds it easier to have a clear perspective to what patients are going through. “The surveys and feedback allow us to improve the processes at the center," she adds.

Receiving its second three-year AAAHC accreditation, the staff have all agreed that a cohesive team should have good communication and processes in place. “Processes are meant to be changed—a team should be flexible enough to change if necessary. We have that mentality," Bridges explains.

“Southern New Mexico Surgery Center is a great example of what it takes to thrive in the post healthcare reform regulatory environment. It is no longer enough to perform well and have a great reputation – today it is essential to be able to document and prove that degree of excellence, adds Tom Mallon, CEO of Regent Surgical Health. “Analyzing and utilizing patient and surgeon satisfaction surveys gives our centers the ability to attract more patients and surgeon partners, fix costly OR efficiency problems and get ahead of any patient or surgeon issues before they can become an impediment to success.

This data also plays a key role in keeping the staff and surgeons at the center focused on a single goal – patient satisfaction with high quality outcomes."

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