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  • SurgiStrategies July 2012 Issue SurgiStrategies July 2012 Issue Posted June 1, 2012 in Digital Issues An ambulatory surgery center (ASC) can potentially increase profits and volume by maximizing reimbursements, assessing case profitability, examining its procedure mix, analyzing supply value, increasing scheduling efficiencies, implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) system. ...More MORE INFO
  • SurgiStrategies June 2012 Issue SurgiStrategies June 2012 Issue Posted May 2, 2012 in Digital Issues Whether reporting an incident, preparing for a survey or QAPI plan, selecting products or staying current with continuing education, ambulatory surgery center (ASC) professionals face a range of business challenges stemming from their infection prevention (IP) and control responsibilities ...More MORE INFO
  • SurgiStrategies April 2012 SurgiStrategies April 2012 Issue Posted March 1, 2012 in Digital Issues The clinical nature of outpatient surgery centers necessitates creating a culture of safety, from time-outs and Surgical Safety Checklists in the operating room to instrument reprocessing/sterilization to basic hand hygiene. Healthcare textiles – single-use or reusable – also play a role ...More MORE INFO
  • SurgiStrategies March 2012 Issue SurgiStrategies March 2012 Issu Posted February 3, 2012 in Digital Issues In the competitive healthcare marketplace, benchmarking and accreditation are two processes that help ambulatory surgery centers measure performance — both internally and compared to other outpatient facilities. From clinical aspects and patient surveys to back office financial metrics ...More MORE INFO
  • SurgiStrategies January 2012 Issue SurgiStrategies January 2012 Issue Posted December 14, 2011 in Digital Issues Whether an outpatient surgery center is incorporating the latest legislation, regulation or simply implementing its own internal policies, there's no shortage of areas for compliance. With the ICD-10 mandate and EHR technology looming, ASCs that proactively implement may gain an advantage ...More MORE INFO