SurgiStrategies April 2012

SurgiStrategies April 2012 Issue

The Case for Single-Use Surgical Gowns
Disposable healthcare textiles excel in convenience, barrier performance and other safety advantages while boasting a relatively low environmental impact.

The Case for Reusable Textiles
Reusable garments for surgical applications are cost-effective and environmentally friendly while providing maximum tactile comfort and protection through their life cycle.

Creating a Culture of Operating Room Safety
From the Surgical Safety Checklist to the time-out, ASC safety measures aid in ending wrong-site and wrong-patient surgery and other OR mistakes.

Updating and Upgrading Device Reprocessing: AAMI/FDA Summit
Whether it's defining "clean" or examining the challenge of surgical instrument design, the key issues of device reprocessing are finally being discussed.

Implementation & Monitoring of the ASC Hand Hygiene Program
Proper hand hygiene helps prevent healthcare-associated infections; yet low compliance rates in healthcare settings indicate a need for continuing education programs.