SurgiStrategies July 2012 Issue

SurgiStrategies July 2012 Issue

Maximizing Reimbursement and Increasing Efficiency in the Revenue Cycle
Beyond the coder, biller and payor, reimbursement evaluation should include elements such as contracts, materials, fee schedules and insurance verification.

Examining Case Profitability: The Role of Data Capture and Analysis
The typical case profitability calculation reflects actual revenue per procedure less average operating costs; however, deeper analysis is advisable.

ASC In-Market Development: Driving Profits with the Right Procedure Mix
Prioritizing physician recruitment and new procedure evaluation is paramount to the ongoing development efforts and potential profitability of ASCs.

Supply Value Analysis — Drive Out Waste without Sacrificing Quality or Safety
Healthcare facilities of all sizes can find ways to reduce expenses by creating a formalized supply value analysis committee and process.

Scheduling: A clinical director, administrator and physician/board member share their perspectives
A good scheduler tackles the demands of offices, physicians and administration with the effective front-end orchestration of equipment, procedures and personnel.

The Curious State of EMRs in America
Electronic medical record (EMR) systems adoption has been slow to catch on in American healthcare. So what gives?