Pa. Medical Supply Company Files Suit Against Competitors


A lawsuit was filed on Monday by a Pennsylvania medical supply company against six nationwide medical device companies, claiming they made payments to several doctors to gain an edge, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The owners of Intermedics-McCullough alleged that defendants Zimmer Inc., Zimmer Holdings Inc., DuPuy Orthopedics, Biomet Inc., Smith and Nephew Inc., Sryker Orthopedics and Stryker Inc. paid Pennsylvania physicians $100 to more than $8 million in kickbacks, according to the newspaper.

The Post-Gazette reported that the owners of Intermedics-McCullough said the companies used the kickbacks to knock “out of the market with inferior and more costly products by offering kickbacks ‘for the purpose of gaining exclusive access to the lucrative replacement hip, knee and joint industry and to the orthopedic industry in general."

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Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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