Olympus Introduces HDTV Gastroscope with Auxiliary Water Channel

CENTER VALLEY, PA – Olympus, a precision technology leader designing and delivering innovative solutions in medical and surgical products among other core business areas, today introduced a 9.9-millimeter gastroscope that delivers HDTV image quality and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI). The new scope, the GIF-H180J model, is intended for upper gastrointestinal screening, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Its notable new feature, an auxiliary water channel, flushes away blood, mucus and other debris inside the upper gastrointestinal tract, helping to ensure a clear view at all times. Combined with the optional OFP Flushing pump, the GIF-H180J allows for faster, more convenient irrigation of the visual field.
To ensure smooth insertion, the outside diameter of the GIF-H180J measures 9.9 mm both at the distal end and insertion tube. There is a 2.8 mm diameter instrument channel inside the scope that is wide enough to accommodate various EndoTherapy devices. This new scope boasts four-way angulation (210 degrees up, 90 degrees down, and 100 degrees right/left) and an extra-wide 140 degrees field of view to enable a comprehensive examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Its ergonomically-designed grip enhances scope maneuverability, while easy-to-access knobs and user-selectable switches improve operability.
The GIF-H180J contains three features that enhance the observation of capillary and mucosal structures when used singly or in combination. The HDTV-compatible CCD chip delivers the sharpest possible images to help physicians provide accurate screenings and diagnoses of the upper GI tract, while NBI capabilities offer enhanced observation. Its improved close focus optical system eliminates the need for electronic magnification. A close-up image can be obtained by moving the scope tip as close as 2 mm from the site.
The new gastroscope also contains a Scope ID function that stores individual scope information in the built-in memory chip and displays the data on the monitor, facilitating endoscopy suite management and making the scope ready for next-generation system expansion.
The GIF-H180J is competitively priced and is now available for quotation and ordering. For more information, please visit www.olympusamerica.com.

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