Surgery Center Reclaims 100 Nursing Hours Per Month With Web-based Medical Solution


Moreland Surgery Center, located in Scituate, Mass. saves over 25 minutes per case using Medical Web Technologies pre-operative process, One Medical Passport, purchased through their partner SourceMedical as SourcePlus Passport.

Prior to implementing Medical Web Technologies’ solution, the center relied on its nurses to phone patients at the end of the day or in-between cases to gather medical history in advance of a procedure. Information obtained was often incomplete or incorrect; as patients were not prepared for the call. Phone tag with patients often resulted in an inability to conduct pre-operative screenings prior to a scheduled surgery. The process was inefficient and time consuming. Creating a more streamlined process has alleviated the burden on the center’s nurses, and has added convenience for the center’s patients.

“Bringing the pre-operative process online has freed up significant nursing staff hours, allowing nurses to focus less on administrative tasks and more on patient care," said Ron Bullen, administrator, Moreland Surgery Center. “Day of surgery cancellations have also decreased, allowing us to streamline patient flow."

With One Medical Passport, patients quickly and easily complete their own preoperative medical history securely via the Internet. The information is then immediately available to nurses, anesthesiologists and registration staff, as well as the patient’s surgeon.  In addition to a more efficient pre-op process, patients benefit from continued access to an online personal health record, which they can easily update whenever needed within One Medical Passport.

About Medical Web Technologies

Medical Web Technologies,, provides innovative, Web-based medical information solutions that allow patients and healthcare providers to easily create, store and distribute a patient’s complete medical information. MWT’s solutions, One Medical Passport and SourcePlus Passport, are used nationwide in a variety of settings that span from fast-paced ASCs and major medical centers to solo practitioner physician offices.


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