ASCA Applauds CMS Decision To Permit Same-Day Surgery Without Exception In ASCs


WASHINGTON– The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) applauded the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for eliminating a limitation on performing procedures in ASCs on the same day that surgery is scheduled.  Effective December 23, 2011, ASCs will be allowed to provide patient notifications prior to surgery on the same day a procedure is performed. This action clears the way for same-day surgeries without a need to document an emergency procedure for these patients.

“Elimination of the prior-day notification requirement in ASCs has been a top priority for ASCA this year," said ASCA executive director William Prentice. “Our government affairs team and numerous ASCA members have been in regular contact with CMS on this issue, and we are pleased that CMS has elected to make this change. Not only does the new rule promote patient choice and access to care, it also reduces costs to Medicare and its beneficiaries."

“CMS’s decision to allow ASCs to provide patient rights notifications on the same day that surgery is scheduled is a decision to put patients first and one that ASCA is pleased to endorse," said ASCA board chair David Shapiro, MD. “Now, patients who would benefit from receiving care at an ASC will no longer need to wait 24 hours or seek an alternative site of service to receive that care."

For a copy of the CMS rule change, which revises Medicare’s Conditions for Coverage for ASCs now in effect, go to


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