Low-Cost Advanced Integration Technology for the Ambulatory OR

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Speakers: Steven Juett, P.E.

Designing and building technologically advanced ORs in the ambulatory surgery environment is a challenge.  With extreme capital and construction cost constraints, ASCs are often limited in their ability to employ the most state-of -the-art technology.  This is changing.  There is new technology on the market that enables full featured integrated ORs for a fraction of the cost of what a hospital would typically pay, including: audio-visual routing of surgical video, routing of c-arm and ultrasound images, live surgical streaming and connectivity to an ASC or hospital network.  This new technology is simple to use and easy to maintain, while keeping operating costs to a minimum.  It allows for remote learning and access to information everywhere.  Today’s new systems employ minimal cabling, advanced wireless technology, and eliminate the need for expensive equipment booms. Connectivity to labs, imaging centers, offices, pathology and conference rooms is now cost-effective and simple, promoting remote consultation.

This webinar features one of the most respected OR equipment planners in the country who specializes in OR technology and integration.

You'll learn:

1. How to get the complete integration features of a hospital OR at a fraction of the cost
2. How to plan for an OR construction project in the Ambulatory Surgery Center
3. How to create technologically advanced ORs on a budget
4. What is OR integration and what value does it bring to the patient, surgical staff and center
5. How to access offsite data and information, including patient records, PACS images from within the OR

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Steven Juett, P.E.


Steven Juett is a Registered Biomedical Engineer. He is the Principal of Clinical Systems Planning for RTKL Associates, an architectural and engineering firm in Dallas, TX.

The RTKL Healthcare Technologies group provides international consulting services for medical equipment, connectivity, clinical systems planning, procurement and transition planning. The technology consulting spans a wide spectrum; structured cable systems, data center, medical equipment and commercial technology.

Steve received awards for his work on the Wireless Medical Telemetry Service by the American College of Clinical Engineers and a citation of honor from the FDA for working towards FCC law proposals to secure the RF spectrum for public health.

Mr. Juett has published several articles on medical equipment integration and communication systems in healthcare.